Creating Home

Brigade Cosmopolis

Our latest project entailed creating a modern aesthetic space for the family of four of our co-founder; Sapna Kabre.

Our design duo went above and beyond with this project, just like any other. They curated a space with custom furniture, accessories, lighting, false cielings, handmade curtains, and even a next generation lighting system that can be controlled remotely.

Apartment remodelling


Remodelling is not a menial task, to re-create a space that is called home without losing is charm is extremely important for our team. We actively worked with our client throughout this project. From explaining the design on video call to accomodate their surprise trips; to matching tiles, laminates and flooring on site with them. We were on top of the customer service. Additionally, the project was completed with perfect execution before the delivery time!

This 20 year- old apartment at mayflower went through a facelift, we successfully added to the charm of this home.

Creating a Home

Spectra Cypress

This project has a special place in our hearts. Our clients were huge music enthusiasts and they requested that their space reflected this enthusiasm. Our team curated them all that they wanted and more. We created guitar and piano keys false ceilings, keyboard music rooms, a space that expressed their colorful and deep emotions felt by music.

Not only did we create the furniture and the ceilings but we also hand made their curtains and other fabrics to express their intense emotions elegantly through their space.